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About WeTal.com

🇸🇪 WeTal started off in 2019, in Sweden as a marketplace between software developers and jobs. We reached 7000+ candidates and 1000+ employers.

🚀 WeTal launched internationally 2023, and teamed up with 100+ trusted development companies globally ready to take on any technical project from €25/h the same week.

🌎 Today, we offer a marketplace, recruitment, and immidiate contact with some of the best teams in the world. We sort out terms and international payments so you can focus on growing your business, to an afforable price.

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How We Vet Partners

Great reviews

We contact and choose partners that has great referrals. We work with companies with 4.8 rating and above at pages as Clutch, similar to Trustpilot or have worked for great projects in the past.


Screening interviews

We meet and negotiate with all of our partners candidates and choose the top firms that shows high standard. We move forward with the partners that can offer good prices and high quality candidates.

Testing period

When working with new partners in real project WeTal are hands-on, attend interviews, helps with communication and estimates to make sure everything runs perfectly from all sides.

More Than 100+ Technologies

Our vetted developers provide everything from traditional technologies to specialized fields.

We have specialists in Web, Mobile, Blockchain, Gaming, AI, VR, ChatGPT and more.

How It Works


Start within 1 week

Book a meeting with our experts, and present your needs. We will deliver high-quality and pre-screened candidates the same week.


Get a 7 day trial

We guarantee customer satisfaction by offering you a trial. If you are not happy you will get a new team or a refund.


Smooth terms & payments

We have negotiated prices, terms and make international payments with our partners abroad, so you can focus on growing your business.

Reasons To Go Via WeTal

1 week

Average start time


Best hourly rates


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