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WeTal Companies FAQ

Who should sign up for WeTal?

Any company that has a demand for recruiting tech talents such as developers.

From where does WeTal source talent?

We have mostly organic signups and invitations through social media but also paid advertisement. We have worked for many years with our community, branding and our podcast.

Are WeTal's talents local or international?

We have started in Stockholm, but have this year started to accept international talent. We have many talents from Ukraine.

What language is a requirement for WeTal developers?

You can filter talent depending on what language you prefer.

How many candidates are there on the platform today?

We have 6000+ developers on the platform.

We want to end our ad, what should we do?

You delete your job under “Manage jobs”. Click “delete job”. You can see your bills under “Billing”. Previous packages demanded to end contract under the billing page. You can also email us info@wetal.com if you have any issues.

Can I get a refund?

WeTal is a self-service advertisement platform so if you have used the platform then no.

Are there any hidden fees, like recruitment fees?

No, you pay a subscription

I would like to become a customer

First, you need to create a business account with us and fill in all the information requested. Then you need to create an ad with those knowledge requirements that you as a company are looking for, sign up here wetal.com/company.

Where can I find candidates to chat with them?

You post a job ad.

I want to pay by invoice

Please save your job as “Save draft” and contact us at info@wetal.com or you customer success manager, and we can post it for you and send an invoice.

Can pause my ad in some way, so it doesn’t get renewed?

Unfortunately not, the ad will automatically renew if you do not remove it and you can choose to remove it at any time.

Does all my matches disappear if I delete my job ad?


I didn’t match with so many

Try to change your job filters.

What are your prices?

It depends on how long you as a company want to use our service, it varies. It costs $500 or $750 per ad per month.

Is it possible to restore candidates that has been turned down?

No, unfortunately not, it is not possible to see the candidates that have been turned down. But you can post a new ad and match again.

How can we as a company see who has applied to our job ad?

You can see who has applied for your job ad by looking through all your matches. Download the ad for instant notification.

What kind of candidates can I find on WeTal?

All developers. Developers within frontend, backend, fullstack and much more.

Why do I see the same candidates in two different jobs?

Candidates can apply for different jobs, they have the opportunity to match with all of your ads if they have the correct search filter.

How many candidates sign up in a week?

Between 50-100 developers a week

Will I find a candidate?

WeTal is a matching service that helps you cost-effectively get in touch with the right candidates. After that, it is up to the candidates and the companies to “sell” themselves.

Do you have a specific language?

No, we accept all programmers. Our candidates look like candidates generally, i.e., most people know the common languages and the unusual languages are more unusual.

I’m looking for an unusual language, do you have it?

It's as likely here as anywhere else, the advantage of WeTal is that it's a monitoring service. Which means, you’ll get a notification when someone signs up on WeTal and applies for a job, which is a great advantage. It's like an automatic headhunter.

How do I make an attractive job ad?

Developers are attracted to high salary, remote options, great team, inspiring images, nice central office, interesting tech stack and good titles.