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WeTal Candidates FAQ

Who can join WeTal?

If you’re a developer, either self-taught by experience or educated in the field you can join WeTal.

Why should I join WeTal?

To be a part of a big community such as WeTal is an incredible benefit. You’ll find job opportunities, chat with other developers, and at the same time get the chance to participate in events and listen to our live podcast involving different topics but it’s always regarding coding. You also get monthly discounts and gifts.

What type of companies advertise at WeTal?

It really varies, we have hundreds of companies at our website. The most important part is that there is a need to hire developers. A few examples of the companies that advertises/has advertised at our website are Spotify, Zounds Industries, BokaDirekt and so on.

How does WeTal work?

Please see this guide: https://wetal.com/tutorial-candidates

Can you help me with relocation, visa or any other job related matters?

It’s up to the companies that advertise on our website, we are just a matching service. But we do support ukrainian developers - read more here https://wetal.com/ukraine

How do I become a member at WeTal?

It’s very easy to become a member at WeTal, our platform is easy to use. You’ll begin with signing up at our website wetal.com and fill in all of the fields required. You will then see a tutorial how to use the platform.

I am looking for a job

If you’re a developer you can sign up at our website wetal.com and fill in all of the fields in your profile and then begin to match with all jobs.

I am looking for remote work

If you’re a developer you can sign up at our website wetal.com and fill in all of the fields in your profile, then you can begin to match with different jobs. Some companies on WeTal is offering remote jobs. Make sure to choose “remote” when you register so you can see all the remote jobs available.

How do I find a job at WeTal?

Please se this guide: https://wetal.com/tutorial-candidates

What jobs do you offer?

We have different jobs available for developers from different companies at our website such as: full-end, back-end, frontend, java and reactive/native developer.

Is the platform limited to only developers in Sweden, as you match developers with Swedish companies?

No, it used to be but not anymore. The only requirement we have is that you’re a developer, either self-taught or with the right education/experience.

I am from Ukraine and looking for a developer job

You can sign up at our website https://wetal.com/ukraine and fill in all of the fields in your profile, then you can begin to match with different jobs.

Do you help with finding internship opportunities?

It’s up to the companies what they write and search for in their ads, sign up to see what they offer.

I forgot my password in the app, when I’m trying to reset I am not getting an email

It can take a few minutes to receive the email, make sure to check your spam folder in your inbox to see if you might have received it there. If you can’t find the email there, try to reset again after a couple of minutes if you haven’t received it.

Is it free to become a member?

Yes, it is free for developers.

What type of skills should I include in the skills section?

All skills that you wish to find a job within.

How do I determine my ideal salary?

This of course depends on you, be realistic and keep in mind how many years you’ve worked in the industry.

Hi, I’m looking for a job

Great! Sign up at WeTal to match with different companies.

I’m a Designer/Product Manager… Can I join?

Unfortunately not, we only turn to developers, but that can change in the future!

Is it only for developers?


I am an ukrainian developer. Can I get help to come to Sweden?

Yes! We get companies on the platform that help with relocation. Sign up as a developer and match with companies. https://wetal.com/ukraine

How can I find a job?

Once you have created a free account at WeTal, you must first fill in all the fields in your profile, such as language, education, experience and skills. After that, you can press "swipe jobs" and start the job search. You swipe right on the jobs you're interested in.