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Top 50 Software Development Companies In India - For Outsourcing

Top 50 Software Development Companies In India - For Outsourcing

Posted: 21 Jul, 2023

Author: WeTal Team

Outsourcing development to India is truly a jungle, as the country is known to be one of the largest in the world for development. Choosing a team in India requires research. There are big differences in working methods, expectations and communication style between the companies. The advantages for IT companies in the West are of course the prices, as it starts from $15 an hour, making it worth exploring.

It is important to remember that you choose a partner you trust who has good references. WeTal has partners in India and has done many interviews and checks before we choose partners. If you are looking for expert help with outsourcing to the best teams, book a meeting with us here. We often look at Clutch when contacting potential partners. Here we list 50 Indian development companies that have a 5.0 rating on Clutch.

1. Sapphire Software Solutions - Number of reviews: 225 - www.sapphiresolutions.net

2. Oyelabs Technologies - Number of reviews: 38 - www.oyelabs.com

3. designs.codes - Number of reviews: 33 - www.designs.codes

4. Future Profilez India Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 33 - www.futureprofilez.com

5. Silver Scintilla - Number of reviews: 28 - www.silverscintilla.com

6. Cynoteck Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 23 - www.cynoteck.com

7. TriState Technology LLP - Number of reviews: 22 - www.tristatetechnology.com

8. Webethics - Number of reviews: 22 - www.webethicssolutions.com

9. NIVIDATA CONSULTANCY - Number of reviews: 21 - www.nividata.com

10. Tech Exactly - Number of reviews: 21 - www.techexactly.com

11. Lucenta Solutions Technologies Pvt Ltd - Number of reviews: 20 - www.lucentasolutions.com

12. ChicMic - Number of reviews: 19 - www.chicmic.in

13. Pavans Group - Number of reviews: 17 - www.pavansgroup.com

14. OneClick IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 17 - www.oneclickitsolution.com

15. Baniwal Infotech - Number of reviews: 16 - www.baniwalinfotech.com

16. Strivemindz - Number of reviews: 16 - www.strivemindz.com

17. Radiansys Inc - Number of reviews: 16 - www.radiansys.com

18. SBR Technologies Pvt Ltd - Number of reviews: 15 - www.sbr-technologies.com

19. TechStaunch Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 15 - www.techstaunch.com

20. Novumlogic Technologies Pvt Ltd - Number of reviews: 15 - www.novumlogic.com

21. I Mate Plus - Number of reviews: 15 - www.imateplus.com

22. Brilworks Software - Number of reviews: 15 - www.brilworks.com

23. PSDtoHUBSPOT - Number of reviews: 14 - www.psdtohubspot.com

24. Codonnier Solutions - Number of reviews: 14 - www.codonnier.com

25. Appycodes - Number of reviews: 13 - www.appycodes.dev

26. Stalwart Info - Number of reviews: 13 - www.stalwartinfo.com

27. The Blockchain Team - Number of reviews: 13 - www.theblockchain.team

28. Arema Technology - Number of reviews: 12 - www.co.in

29. Budventure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 12 - www.budventure.technology

30. ArStudioz - Number of reviews: 12 - www.arstudioz.com

31. immence - Number of reviews: 12 - www.immence.com

32. SRV InfoTech - Number of reviews: 11 - www.srvinfotech.com

33. Zonvoir Technologies Pvt Ltd - Number of reviews: 11 - www.zonvoir.com

34. NeoITO - Number of reviews: 11 - www.neoito.com

35. BMV System Integration Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 11 - www.systemintegration.in

36. NCoreSoft - Number of reviews: 11 - www.ncoresoft.com

37. Fleek IT Solutions - Number of reviews: 11 - www.fleekitsolutions.com

38. Zworthkey - Number of reviews: 10 - www.zworthkey.com

39. Agriya - Number of reviews: 10 - www.agriya.com

40. EbizzInfotech - Number of reviews: 10 - www.ebizzinfotech.com

41. IBR Infotech - Number of reviews: 10 - www.ibrinfotech.com

42. Squillion Technology (Previously Kalantak Technology LLP) - Number of reviews: 10 - www.squillion.tech

43. Aipxperts Technolabs Private Limited - Number of reviews: 10 - www.aipxperts.com

44. Prishusoft - Number of reviews: 10 - www.prishusoft.com

45. Eternal Web Pvt. Ltd. - Number of reviews: 10 - www.eternalsoftsolutions.com

46. SolGuruz - Number of reviews: 10 - www.solguruz.com

47. Innvonix Tech Solutions Private Limited - Number of reviews: 10 - www.innvonix.com

48. StartxLabs Technologies - Number of reviews: 10 - www.startxlabs.com

49. DEVtrust - Number of reviews: 10 - www.devtrust.biz

50. Rorko - Number of reviews: 10 - www.rorko.com

Do you need help choosing the best partner for you, please contact WeTal for a free consultation. We help with vetting, estimations, expertise, terms, payments, and advisory when outsourcing. Book a meeting here.

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WeTal will go through all of the CV:s and video presentations, and pre-screen the top candidates. Working remotely, excellent communication skills is crucial at WeTal, as well as technical skills.


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Within 24-48 h WeTal suggest the top 3 developers for an interview with our customers. The developers are usually in the same timezone, has an entrepreneurial mindset and great english skills.

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Instead of one IT consultancy, WeTal partners and filters 1000s of agencies. We customize teams to match the customers needs with no hidden fees.


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If you use WeTal you will get a 7 day free trial with each candidate. If you are not happy you do not need to pay, and we can exchange candidates.


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Instead of paying salaries in different countries, you have one local IT partner that makes all payments and contracts standardized, secure and simple.

Reviews from customers

Tommy Eriksson, CEO at Evity
It has worked great with WeTal. It was a very quick process from a job specifikation to signing a team. The process was smooth and the communication is good. WeTal is quick to answer when we need something.

Tommy Eriksson, CEO at Evity

Pierre Bougé, COO Northwind
WeTal matched with a top rated Ukrainian agency that cut our costs with almost 75%. We are very surprised how much WeTals expertise could benefit us financially and would highly recommend speaking with WeTal before hiring a team.

Pierre Bougé, COO Northwind

Anton Aderum, CTO at BokaDirekt.se
WeTal has been a great platform to match with developers looking for new opportunities fitting just the profiles we are looking for.

Anton Aderum, CTO at BokaDirekt.se

Philip Skogsberg, Co-founder at Challengermode
WeTal has been a great partner for us in our recruiting efforts. Their helpful staff is always quick to answer, the platform is super easy to use and we got several interested candidates very quickly.

Philip Skogsberg, Co-founder at Challengermode

Jenny Ann Axson Johnson, Co-founder at Tilly
As tech-heavy startup finding our CTO was a key recruitment for us. WeTals platform was very easy to use and enabled us to find the right person for the job.

Jenny Ann Axson Johnson, Co-founder at Tilly

Cecilia Lövström, Head of Operations at Futurice
Thanks to WeTal we have met and recruited the talent we have been looking for in Stockholm! We have come in contact with people that otherwise do not pick up the phone, people from the best tech companies on the market.

Cecilia Lövström, Head of Operations at Futurice

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